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Library Policies


Students in grades K-2 can check out two books each week.  If they bring back their library books, they can borrow two new books!

Students in grades 3-6 can check out three books each week.  The librarian may give discretion in allowing students to check out more than this if they have shown responsibility with their library books in the past.



Students are NOT charged fines for late books.  However, if a book is lost, our library system may assign a fine to the student for the amount that our district paid for the book. PLEASE check in with Ms. Masoud about lost books BEFORE paying for them! We can often work something out, or even possibly find the book!  


Email address (preferable):

Phone number: 425-431-3638 (I am often with classes, so feel free to leave a voicemail if I don't answer!)